We often wash items in our washer dryer that aren’t typically meant to be washed in a washing machine. From trainers and tennis balls, to heavy duty dog leads, sports gear, and more, our washer dryer takes some abuse from time to time. That abuse, however, leads to excessive wear and tear on the machine and it could mean a broken or damaged drum paddle.

A broken or damaged drum paddle doesn’t mean that you need a new washing machine or that you need to contact an expensive repair technician. In fact, just about anyone can replace a broken or damaged drum paddle on their Hotpoint washer dryer in a lot less time than you might think.

Replacing The Drum Paddle On A Hotpoint Washer Dryer Fortunately, with the right advice and a high-quality replacement part from ForMySpares, you can replace the drum paddle on a washer dryer yourself.

What You Will Need:

• Drum Paddle

• Screwdriver

Although you are not working with any electrical components of your washer dryer, you should still disconnect the appliance from the power source. Safety first to avoid accidental injury to oneself or damage to the washer dryer.

• To remove the drum paddle, insert a small screwdriver into the third hold from the from the front of the drum paddle.

• Press down to release a locking tab which is holding the drum paddle to the drum itself.

• Next, slide the drum paddle toward you and lift it out of the washer dryer.

• Before installing the new drum paddle, be sure to lift the locking tab back up so it will hold the new paddle in place.

• Install the new drum paddle by placing it into position and sliding it toward the back of the drum. You should hear a click when it slides into place.

• Be sure to check that it is not loose or installed improperly.

A Quality Repair Needs Quality Parts

To ensure a quality repair, always use quality parts. ForMySpares carries the industry’s largest selection of Hotpoint Washer Dryer replacement parts and accessories so you can do the repairs yourself and save money.

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