One of the most important parts on your Zanussi cooker is the oven thermostat. Without it, your oven cool overcook or undercook your food leaving you and your hungry family frustrated. This is because the oven thermostat regulates the temperature of your cooker and, without it, the temperature of your oven could be very misleading. In some cases, if the oven thermostat is faulty, the oven portion of your cooker won’t work at all. Fortunately, however, replacing the oven thermostat on your Zanussi cooker is easy.

How To Tell If Your Oven Thermostat Is Faulty

Before replacing any part, you want to ensure that it is truly faulty. Otherwise, you could end up spending money on parts that you don’t need and still be left with a cooker that doesn’t work. With that in mind, if your oven is not cooking your food properly, determining whether the fault is with the oven heating element or the oven thermostat is the first step.

Testing Your Oven Thermostat

• For safety, be sure that the cooker is unplugged from the electrical outlet.

• The oven thermostat on most Zanussi cookers is located either behind the back panel, beneath the backsplash, under the exhaust hood or below the control panel, depending on the model. Look for a thin piece of metal attached to a coil of wire.

• Use a multimeter calibrated to the lowest ohm rating to test the oven thermostat. If the reading is zero or as close to zero as possible, it is working fine. However, if it has no reading at all, the oven thermostat is faulty.

Replacing Your Oven Thermostat

Replacing the oven thermostat on your Zanussi cooker is easy as long as you have a new thermostat from ForMySpares.

• With the cooker unplugged from electrical power, open the door, and remove three Torx screws from just under the control panel and remove the control panel.

• Remove the oven temperature control dial and then the two Torx screws beneath it.

• You can remove the thermostat now. You will see two wires connected to it, remove these wires next, making sure to remember their connection orientation.

• Gently pry the thermostat control off of the switch.

• Moving to the back of the cooker, remove the two upper Torx screws and the back cover.

• Remove the thermostat wire from its mounting bracket and push the thermostat wire through the back panel, towards the front of the cooker.

• Pull the thermostat wire out the front of the cooker.

• Installation is done in reverse of the removal procedures.

• Be sure to tighten all hardware before plugging the cooker in and testing.

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