Because you use your fridge constantly, you should deep clean it every three to four months to keep it working properly. If you neglect regular cleaning schedule, bad odours will take hold, because bacteria thrive, despite the low temperature. Your fridge could also stop working and require repair. Fortunately, there are many fridge parts available and today’s refrigerators are quite simple to repair. Regular clean-ups will also help in extending the lifespan and improving the performance of your refrigerator.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some refrigerator cleaning tips which will keep your fridge working properly:

Empty It- the only way to fully declutter and clean up your fridge is to empty it first. It will be easier to check the condition of the fridge if you have removed everything. Keep frozen foods in insulated bags, until you can put them back into the freezer. Focus on getting rid of products or produce that are past their ‘use-by’ dates. Rotting vegetables and fruits hidden somewhere inside your fridge produce foul odours and they can contaminate your fresh produce, making them go bad faster.

Remove Shelves And Wipe Everything- most refrigerator models have removable shelves for easy clean-up. Remove all shelves carefully to avoid breaking any plastic components. If you do happen to break something while cleaning your refrigerator, contact For My Spares for a full range of fridge parts to make repairing it easy. Once you have removed the shelves, mix water with dishwasher liquid and start wiping the interior of your fridge. For stubborn stains, you can use lemon juice or baking soda paste. After the interior is completely clean, wipe with a dry cloth to remove excess moisture.

Check The Drainage Channel- the drainage or condensation channel is a small hole, usually located at the back of the fridge. If it becomes blocked, water may build up in the fridge walls. Make sure the drainage channel is cleaned properly. You can use cotton buds, cocktail sticks, or a drinking straw. Dislodge any blockage and try to pull it back out.

Clean Condenser Coils- if you have unplugged the fridge, it’s safe to clean coils of your fridge. Wipe the coil to loosen dirt from the coil and use handheld vacuum cleaner to clear it up. If you keep the coil clean, your fridge can stay cool more efficiently. Thick dust will become an insulator and your fridge will work harder to reach and maintain proper temperature.

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