It is quite common for appliances to break down regardless of how well we take care of them. Although wear and tear are to be expected, you could be making a few mistakes that are making your appliances break down sooner. Fortunately, with the right washing machine spares, cooker hood spares, and microwave spares, you can keep your appliances working properly longer.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some ways to increase the lifespan of your home appliances:

Avoid Overfilling Your Freezer And Fridge- disrupted air circulation inside the fridge may cause damage to the condenser. It may cost you around £500 to replace a condenser and sometimes, it is better to replace the fridge itself. When filling your fridge, make sure you can still see all of the items inside. Rearrange your fridge once a month to make sure vents are not blocked. If your fridge seems to lose the ability to cool and freeze, call an experienced technician.

Load Your Washing Machine Properly- if your washer is packed tightly with dirty clothes, it will break down sooner. It feels enticing to cram just one more piece of clothing into your washing machine. But the motor will work extra hard if you pack in too much. Also, because the washer can’t work at optimum performance, your clothes won’t be as clean. Read the users’ manual to know the maximum load for your washer.

Change Water Filters Regularly- if your area has mineral-rich or hard water, it will shorten the lifespan of your dishwasher and washing machine. After a few years, hard mineral deposits may form inside your appliances, causing clogging and other malfunctions. Depending on the mineral content of your tap water, replace your appliance’s filter every 3 to 6 months.

Check Your Clothes Before Washing- overfilling isn’t the only problem, what’s inside your clothes can also damage your washer/dryer. Check your clothes for coins, keys, pens, rings, and other objects that can clog drain lines. After emptying your pockets, you should button shirts and zip up zippers. These go a long way in ensuring a long-lasting washer/dryer.

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