Vacuum Cleaner Dusting Brush - 35mm

FMS SKU: FMS357353
Genuine spare part for select models of Miele vacuum cleaners
Manufactured By Miele

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4317710, 4312790
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Vacuum Cleaner Dusting Brush - 35mm

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Vacuum Cleaner Dusting Brush - 35mm

If you are looking for a gentle touch to clean the surfaces, ForMySpares has just what you need with this dusting brush.

This fantastic vacuum cleaner dusting brush is perfect for cleaning around your home or even giving your car the attention it so badly needs. With its natural bristles, you can use it for cleaning the dust and dirt from the delicate of surfaces.

If you are cleaning your window blinds, lampshades, skirting board, TV’s, audio equipment or even just the surfaces inside your car such as dashboards, centre consoles and speakers. Simply attach the brush to your vacuum cleaner hose and make dusting delicate and difficult surfaces easier and more efficient.

It is also ideal for using the brush as just a normal dusting brush for cleaning those overlooked places such as windowsills, lighting bulbs, screens and curtains.

With the help of ForMySpares and this fantastic dusting brush, tackle a wide range of cleaning activities more effectively and efficiently!


Type: SSP 10

Designed for cleaning skirting boards ornate or carved objects The head can be swiveled to adjust the angle Natural bristles

Size: 35mm

Genuine spare part for select models of Miele vacuum cleaners Please check the list of suitable models to ensure that this spare part will fit your appliance.

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